Annealing UnitUnits

Annealing Unit is used in the case produc1on process via annealing of components for the prepara1on of the drawing opera1ons. The tension of the metal conveyor is adjustable in order to prevent loosening due to the expansion. The speed of the conveyor line and the temperature of the system are also adjustable. Cups are annealed via PID controlled electrical resistances that are supported by ceramic pipes and keep the internal temperature constant. The furnace has par1cular hea1ng chambers which reduces the components’ temperature in the last chamber via cold air.

Conveyor wire line SS 314
600-850 Celcius
90 kW 380V, 50 Hz
PID heat control system.
PLC Control Panel
Capacity: 600 kg/hr.
Loading with elevator
Discharge with Hopper
High insulated by special material which could stand 1.000 Celsius
Vacuum system for outgases.
Manual control option for conveyor in case of power failure.
Dimensions: 1.6 * 3.5 * 8 meters

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